Human Rights History Across Five Centuries?

A Discussion with Dan Edelstein (Stanford University)

When: 24 May 2019, 3pm (cum tempore) to 6pm

Where: University of Vienna, Main Building (Universitätsring 1),
Seminarraum Geschichte 2,
Staircase 9, 2nd Floor


Welcome and Presentation of the Research Group

Birgitta Bader-Zaar (Institut für Geschichte)


Introductory Remarks – on “The Archeology of Human Rights”

Wolfgang Schmale (Institut für Geschichte)


Introductory Remarks – “On the Spirit of Rights”

Dan Edelstein (Stanford University)



The discussion will be based on the pre-circulated chapters I (“How to Think about Rights in Early Modern Europe”) and VIII (“Conclusion: A Stand-in for the Universal Declaration: 1789–1948”) of Dan Edelstein’s book “On the Spirit of Rights” (Chicago: CUP 2018).

Concluding Remarks

Thomas Wallnig (Institut für Geschichte)


Rsvp (also for the pre-circulation of the chapters):

We thankfully acknowledge the generous financial support granted by the Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies for this event.

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